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Finally Anope 1.8.0 stable has been release, you can download it from


Just came acrross it’s a wonderfull NZB Search Engine or you can even call it a Binary Search Engine. is a free binary newsgroup indexer. creates NZB files that can be used with a news reader to download files.

Now if you are wonderng what is NZB, then here is the answer?

NZB is a free file format that makes it easier for users to locate and download materials from Usenet. NZB created by the owners of the Internet site and is based on XML. The NZB format works by each file containing a list of unique message-IDs that a compatible news client can then use to identify, locate and download specific articles. These articles contain file parts that once downloaded can be assembled by the news client into working files. Using NZBs files can be added directly to a download queue of a news client, without any header retrieval necessary. Without NZBs, a user must first download the full headers for all the postings in a group, then search these thousands or even millions of message headers to find the desired subject.

We recently bought a shell account with the world’s largest shell provider and we are really pleased with their support, service and stability and also the transparent communication with their clients.

We ordered Quad Gold Shell at 1:00 am from and we we surpirsed to get the shell account by 1:15 am, yeah within 15 minutes. Not only this their support channel #sh3lls on efnet and is always active also I just discovered that they even have live chat on their website and also have a irc client on their website so that we can get into their support channel without mirc or any other irc client.

We used their coupon code sh3lls20off during sign up we immediately got 20% discount during sign up and yeah it’s for the life of the package ie. till we continue to pay for this shell account.

We are even pleased with the uptime of their servers, most of their servers have more then 3 months and 1 of their server uptime is more then 3 years, you can check it at .

With Quad Gold shell we got 4 shells accounts of 10 bg each on 4 different servers all hosted in 4 different datacentres, which is difficult to get with any other shell provider.

All the shells / servers had preinstalled psybnc, bnc, eggdrops, vhosts, screeb, bitchx, irssi, scrollz, pine, www folder and many other usefull utilities.

Most of the servers have native ipv6 vhosts, not offered by my shell hosting companies. offers many more services like ircd shell hosting, bnc shell accunts, cpanel based web hosting, dedicated servers, vps hosting, vpn hosting, shoutcast hosting and many more.

Their support can be reached either by live chat on website or their support channel #sh3lls on and even at throug their ticket system

Also last but not the least their ddos filtering is also awsome, till date none of the packet kiddies have been able to drop my bnc, not many packet kiddies like me 😉

I hope this review helps you choose a better shell provider

Finally mirc 6.35 has been released. It is primarily a security release. mIRC users are advised to upgrade due to a security issue related to the use of very long nicknames on non-standard servers. Several other small issues have also been fixed in this release. Although this is a minor update, it includes important changes and all users are advised to upgrade.

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